Fees + Insurance

At DHOD, we follow the current ODHA Fee Guide.  We have conveniently included the most common services and their associated fees on this page.  If you’d like to check out the fee guide in its glorious entirety, click here.

The cost of a cleaning can vary depending on your individualized needs and the time required to complete your treatment. Your first appointment at DHOD will include a complete exam and assessment in order for us gather important baseline information followed by a thorough cleaning and polish, if needed.

We would be happy to provide you with a complimentary consultation to develop a quote and to answer any questions about your treatment plan. Contact us today to get one-step closer to a healthy smile!

New Client Complete Exam and Assessments

Primary Teeth: $54.02

Mixed Teeth (Primary & Permanent Mixed): $81.04

Permanent Teeth: $113.45

*These are only completed during your first visit*


1 unit of Scaling:    $63.58

2 units of Scaling:  $121.91

3 units of Scaling:  $180.25

4 units of Scaling:  $238.58

1/2 unit of Scaling:  $29.70


Polish/Stain Removal

1 unit:     $27.13

1/2 unit:  $34.26


Flouride Varnish:  $29.17

Desensitization:  $29.17

Oral Hygiene Instruction:  $47.44

Custom Sportsguards: $60 – $85
($60 for single colour, $85 for double colour)

Sealants, 1st tooth in quadrant: $29.81

Sealants, add’l in quadrant: $15.10

Mobile Service: $39.53 – 79.71+

*note: Mobile fee is not usually covered by insurance

Professional Whitening

In-office Boost (added-on to your cleaning): $50

Full In-office, 1 hour: $250

Wicked White Take-Home Kit: $150

In-office + Take Home Kit: $300


*Note: 1 unit of time = 15 minutes, 1/2 unit is 7.5 minutes or less*

Financial Policy

Non-insured clients:  Payment or financial arrangements are required at the time services are provided.  We follow the current ODHA fee guide and are transparent with our billing practices. Please do not hesitate to ask about the anticipated cost of your dental treatment as you have the right to know about and understand our fees.  We will happily provide a written estimate for your treatment and arrange a payment plan if needed!  We accept cash, debit cards, all major credit cards, and email money transfers.

Insurance Policy

Do you have insurance benefits? That’s amazing!  We highly recommend that you verify your coverage directly with your insurance company and understand that it is your responsibility to understand your coverage. .  Insurance companies are not obligated to disclose any or all information to us citing privacy laws, therefore we do not know what your dental benefits include and cover.

Many companies (like Canada Life, Manulife, Blue Cross, Green Shield Canada, and more) accept electronic and manual claim forms submission. (We are in the process of setting up electronic claim submissions, but in the meantime, we will submit your claim forms manually on your behalf.)  Should the insurance company not pay in full, clients are required to pay the remaining balance at the time services are provided, or at a mutually agreed upon time.